Technology companies that sell to the mortgage space require a different approach to marketing to drive awareness, demand, and their value proposition to close more deals. Art Vs. Math is one of the only marketing experts in the country that specializes in providing these insights to mortgage tech to help them increase retention, improve sales, and develop a custom marketing strategy that helps them reach their goals. This is how we do it.

Go To Market

Whether interested in breaking into the mortgage space or bringing a new product to market, Art Vs. Math provides a comprehensive plan to help established, and new technology companies gain traction by identifying marketing channels and connections to increase awareness and relevancy in the mortgage space. In most cases, speed to market is essential and knowing how to connect a solution to the problems lenders face is vital. 

Value Proposition

Most technology companies provide robust SaaS solutions with various features. Identifying the primary pain point lenders experience and how it compares to current technology in the mortgage industry is an important exercise to understand how to gain market share. Simply being better may not be enough. The value proposition must consider several factors to increase the likelihood of sales and adoption. 

Digital Marketing

90% of all brick-and-mortar retail business is generated by the sign on the building. So that one sign is a big deal. That is not the case for technology companies. There is no one way to aggregate business. Tech companies must diversify their online presence to drive awareness and increase their chances of success. This includes all the typical characters:

  • Website development
  • Social Media
  • Online Reputation
  • Paid Media
  • PR
  • Content development


Mortgage tech does not have the restrictions or compliance challenges that lenders experience. In most verticals, technology marketing is over-the-top fantastic. Super creative, fun, and different. It is the opportunity to show lenders how a solution will solve their challenges, and nothing is off limits. Creativity is more than just brand and design, but is a way to connect to your audience in a new way. If marketing technology has a silver bullet, it is being creative. 

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Branding
  • Video
  • Writing
  • Ghostwriting

Marketing Audit

If the current marketing isn’t providing the results needed, Art Vs. Math will thoroughly examine the current marketing program to determine what works and does not. Highly experienced, capable marketers will benefit greatly from our mortgage experience.  The nuances matter.  Free advice, if you are pushing big marketing dollars in the last week of the month – you are wasting money. Mortgage Loan Officers are too busy CLOSING LOANS. 

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