The absolute beauty of the work we do in the mortgage industry is that we have discovered some holes in the market that require innovative solutions. So we are constantly working to build them. The mortgage industry desperately needs more technology resources to evolve with the societal expectations of the market. We have to get better together. 

Mortgage Advisor Tools

In March of 2021, Art Vs Math’s team developed a web listing platform highlighting essential mortgage technology categories on the market. Our goal was to help mortgage loan officers, credit unions, brokers, and executives discover technology solutions for their business. Unparalleled to any web listing that has ever existed in the mortgage industry, this resource has been climbing the search engines keyword by keyword, slowly becoming a vital part of how mortgage professionals procure mortgage technology.  

Art Vs. Math is dedicated to the pursuit of helping every type of mortgage professional and lender, no matter the size, or location, find the best technology products and services to grow their business. In the same spirit, mortgage technology needs more exposure and attention in every stage of its journey, and we are excited to provide this service to help them find the best customers to grow their business. 

Lastly – we will continue creating the best marketing content the mortgage industry has ever seen to promote Mortgage Advisor Tools. If you haven’t seen one of our kick-ass commercials – you are missing out!

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Top Performing Loan Officer

In development is a micro website to help mortgage loan officers have more presence online. While there are tons of MLS listing platforms to battle the Redfins and Zillows of the world, there are few economic resources to help loan officers increase their online exposure. Top Performing Loan Officers is partnered with one of the US’s largest publicly traded technology companies to aggregate the most accurate information to provide a seamless experience for MLOs so borrowers can find the best mortgage loan officer in their local market. Stay tuned for more!

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