Mortgage Marketing Audit

Most mortgage audits result from leadership being discontent with the current marketing. If marketing staff, budgets, and programs are in place, and their performance is lackluster or not meeting expectations –  a change needs to be made. They are likely doing something, but it is unclear if any marketing work is successful. A Marketing Audit will provide granular insights into what parts are working well, where to improve, and what needs to be changed entirely. 

  • How is my Marketing personnel Performing?
  • Is my marketing budget being appropriately utilized?
  • Is my marketing technology improving my marketing efforts?
  • Is my online presence meeting my business objectives?
  • Is my message resonating with my audience?
  • What are my competitors doing?

Art Vs. Math will help you understand the marketing standards and current business impact created by your marketing and how it can be optimized to reach your expectations and your business objectives.

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