Mortgage Lenders need marketing. Without marketing, a lender is like a hamster running on a wheel, going nowhere fast. Marketing should be central in creating projects, developing events, launching new loan programs, and supporting mortgage loan officers to grow. Art Vs Math helps mortgage lenders scale their business through various products and services to generate revenue.

“Here’s how we do it.”

Marketing Audit

How do you know if marketing is doing its job? Identifying if marketing is providing value can be challenging. We evaluate all components of a marketing infrastructure within a mortgage lender to determine the overall impact of the department. We can prescribe a course of action to enhance or optimize the current marketing system. Here is what we evaluate: 

  • Marketing personnel
  • Paid Media
  • Lead Generation
  • Marketing Technology Stack
  • Social Media
  • 3rd Party Services
  • Messaging
  • Branding
  • Competitive Analysis

Investing in marketing is impossible if you don’t understand how marketing impacts the business. Lenders don’t have time to waste on marketing that doesn’t work. When marketing fails, it creates a ripple effect across the company. When leadership loses confidence in its marketers, it ultimately lowers the morale of the sales professionals that should be benefiting the most. Marketing does have industry standards of performance. Mortgage companies should understand these standards and whether your marketing can rise above them. 

If you would like to get off the hamster wheel and receive a new understanding of how your marketing is impacting your business, contact us today!


I want to grow, but how will I do it? Mortgage lenders make this statement with the roar of a trumpet without understanding where they fit in the current market. Without a minimum analysis of the market, competition, and product viability, it is tough to know the real opportunity, or if there is one. Growth occurs by arming your business with the right strategy and actions to reach the outcome desired. Here are some considerations we evaluate to help our lender clients grow:

  • Staff Performance
  • Production Performance
  • Market Size
  • Loan Products
  • Competition Analysis
  • Culture
  • Business Model
  • Marketing
  • Budget

Mortgage Technology Stack

The development of Mortgage Advisor Tools has provided a unique understanding of the mortgage tech landscape. From integrations to current technology challenges, mortgage companies can not afford to have their technology fail their loan officers or borrowers. Check out some of our services.

  • Analytics & Reporting 
  • Setup & Analysis
  • Technology Evaluation
  • Technology Implementation
  • Web & App Development/Integration
  • Server Management

Marketing Shared Service

For lenders with or without a full-service marketing department or personnel, this service supplements or ultimately manages all your marketing needs within your business. Shared services are customizable to each lender from print design, web management, social media management, and paid media. Shared Services provides lender’s a way to help mortgage loan officers with their everyday marketing needs.  

Marketing is necessary to grow your business. 

  • Print design
  • Web Development
  • Facebook paid to advertise
  • Google Adwords
  • Social media Management
  • Email Marketing

And much, much more!


Mortgages are boring. It is hard to be creative and stay compliant. Art Vs. Math prides itself on developing hyper-creative solutions; this is custom to every lender client. Mortgage lenders need creativity to drive awareness and differentiate themselves from their competitors. While creative work may feel like it should live in marketing, creativity is essential to solving complex challenges and business growth. Creativity drives innovation. 

  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Branding
  • Video
  • Writing
  • Ghostwriting

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