Stop Holding Hands and Fight!


Competitive Drive Must Elevate to Survive 2023 in the Mortgage Industry You can do a reverse mortgage on a mobile home.  Reverse mortgage companies used to hate them…a lot.  They used to be very small [...]

Stop Holding Hands and Fight!2022-11-08T11:22:41+00:00

Marketing Leader Success Summit Takeaways


I wouldn't say I liked school.  I hated it.  I was an extremely average student and never learned well in that environment.  I don’t love this terminology either, but I’m more of a “doer.”  Go-getter.  [...]

Marketing Leader Success Summit Takeaways2022-10-04T13:45:57+00:00

Don’t Let Your Third-Party Service End


Budget time at an enterprise brings to light every dollar invested in marketing.  Operations, staff, advertising spend, agencies, and what I want to address in this little article…Third-party marketing services.  You know who you are [...]

Don’t Let Your Third-Party Service End2022-08-22T13:14:47+00:00

Not a Secret Agent


We understand you accidentally clicked the Ad.  Your curiosity completely took over and you filled out like 5 pages of information.  I know your address, date of birth, and that you have a German Shepherd [...]

Not a Secret Agent2022-07-24T18:02:21+00:00

The Sky is Not the Limit


Over a decade ago I had a roommate that used to tell me, “The sky is not the limit.”  Every time I spoke about my dreams, goals, and what I wanted to achieve he would [...]

The Sky is Not the Limit2022-07-24T18:04:04+00:00

If I Hear One More Buzzword…


I know you have an elevator pitch that your team chants in unison while holding hands in a big circle before you hit the phones and shoot out your bone-chilling cold, generic ass email solicitations. [...]

If I Hear One More Buzzword…2022-07-24T18:06:16+00:00

Quick Thought on Process


We engage in process every single day. There is a method and order to the simplest daily tasks. Grab my toothbrush, grab the toothpaste, pop open the lid, squeeze the paste, apply the toothpaste to the toothbrush, [...]

Quick Thought on Process2022-07-24T18:10:07+00:00

What is Lacking Strategy?


A plan, even an objective, doesn’t mean you have a strategy in place. I have seen decisions about employees, software, process, product, marketing campaigns, and company launches spun up on sticky notes.  We’re inspired by [...]

What is Lacking Strategy?2022-07-24T18:12:02+00:00
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