In 2019, in Indianapolis, Indiana, Steven Cooley founded Art Vs. Math. I could pretend it isn’t me writing this, but it is. So prepare to experience a dose of honesty. Before the mortgage industry, I was highly successful in selling printing, not as successful in starting a technology company sharing coupons, and somewhat successful consulting VCs, hard money lenders, and technology companies about Go-market-strategies and fixer types work. I entered the mortgage space as a reverse mortgage loan officer but was quickly promoted to AVP of digital marketing, where I built – never-before enterprise-level (digital) marketing initiatives. I was praised, advanced again, and promptly shoved out the door.  

Over the years, I’ve learned that just like Liam Neeson in TAKEN, I possess an unusual set of skills that have helped mortgage companies and tech grow and solve problems. Some of those projects look like marketing shit, and some are deep-think strategy work. In the mortgage industry, marketing and strategy are not perceived as quantifiable revenue-generating positions; therefore, they sometimes feel indifferent about the profession. I have an exceedingly talented group of marketers and technologists on my team. Our goal is to provide as much coddamn value as possible in the least amount of time to position companies to be successful. We do that by being extraordinarily creative, disruptive, intelligent, counter-intuitive, and brave. Asking questions is the first way to begin change, and the mortgage industry needs a change. So I will ask a question that was taught to me the first day I did any selling or business as a young man. This profound lesson has been the center of how we do everything at Art Vs. Math. It is simple. How can I help?

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