The marketing battle of the ages. Numbers verse creative. Logic verse abstract. Every aspect of marketing requires these two variables. A consideration of math and art. Is the creative delivering the right message, imagery, and tone at the right time, to the right people? If not, what is broken? How can you know? Numbers don’t lie. This creative was made by the best. The imagery resonates with me. The application of these variables is the balance.

The complexities of digital marketing are challenging for many businesses. Everyone needs it, few understand the applications. Art Vs. Math wants to help you develop a strategy, create an understanding of your objectives and opportunities, and help you find the right digital marketing methods to execute to reach your goals.

Consultancy Services


Deliver custom insights, considerations, &  recommendations based on demographics, market research, business intelligence, & overall company goals.  This deliverable is the backbone of any marketing, especially digital marketing.  A multi-faceted strategy will be customized to provide your business a roadmap to your objectives. 

Business Intelligence

You might have the numbers, analytics, the KPIs, and the research but none of that really helps if you don’t know how to apply them to your marketing, and overall business.  Those numbers all mean something.  They are telling you about customer behavior, product and service performance, and marketing campaign placements.  Connecting those numbers to actions is imperative to optimizing your budget, marketing strategy, and increasing your revenue.

Digital Marketing

If you have digital marketing staff, good.  If you have a digital marketing agency, awesome.  If you don’t have any digital marketing or very little, that is fine too.  Art Vs. Math wants to be a resource to make sure your current movements are killing it, offer new approaches, new ideas, new services, and help ensure that you are getting what you want out of your digital marketing spend. 


On the struggle bus, and looking for a ride home?  Do you have a rock in your shoe?  We’d love to learn more about your business, and help you overcome your business challenges. 

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